How to stay positive in difficult times?

When times get rough, it’s very hard to stay positive – or to think positive. It’s far too easy to start blaming outside sources for our misfortunes.
All the why’s, and bad thoughts tend to push us even further down the black hole, where we see no light at all.

So why are all those gurus telling us to stay positive? What do they know that we don’t?
Can’t they understand that it hurts to be told to stay positive, when all we want to do is crying, screaming and complain about our misery?

Well, I have followed a few persons who seem to always be cheerful, positive and smiling although I do know they have really gone through some difficult times. So why aren’t they going down the same pipe all us others seem to fall into?

When talking to one of them yesterday – I was pointed to a place full of inspirational images and stuff: and WOW – was there inspiration?

Then they pointed me to this webpage where I found the 10 ways to create a positive day

So when I get one of those days – I’ll start using these 10 ways to get me through the day in a positive way!
Starting with # 1. Use affirmations – I’ll start every day counting my blessings! They may be more than I know.
Which leads me to a topic for next blog!
The Opposite of Shopping for Happiness! (coming soon!)

I want to know what you think of this blog.


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One Response to How to stay positive in difficult times?

  1. I think it’s true Inga that many people who are now encouraging everyone to be positive have somehow pulled themselves out of their own ‘black holes’ ~ And possibly on more than one occasion ~ Until they have a deep realization that everything that happens in our lives is for a purpose ~ To challenge and shape us ~ That we may bring more love into the world. Because in the end pure unconditional love is the only thing that will ever matter to anyone.

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